Tuesday, 15 May 2012

personalities fashionalities

In my mind, things play out differently. I always put things into a fashion context so that it can make sense to me. To other people it may be confusing but it brings a little smile to my face when I do that. take for example my family.................

starting with the girls, if we were all to be a fashion item, my mother would most definitely be a little black dress. she is dependable and just like you can dress it up or down , my mum is the same. the little black dress goes with anything, it is stylish, (never goes out of style) and fit for every occasion but most of all, it is attractive........... no doubt.

my big sister............................original ruby necklace. it is bold, in your face and you can't help but love it. you will definitely notice a ruby when it goes by because of its beauty. just like a ruby, with her, what you see is what you get, if it changes colour, its only because of the light and even then, it will never change from the shades of red. it is timeless.

my little sister would without a doubt be the most colourful summer dress you ever saw. gorgeous, eye catching and you simply cannot wait to wear it, it is super playful and stylish and you don't know which of the colours most attracts you to the dress, you simply cannot choose because you love the way they work together.

as for the boys.....................my dad would be a leather winter jacket. it is classy, nice to look at and hard on the outside. (he likes to think he's hard that way) but on the inside he is just as mushy as the fur on the inside of the jacket and nice and cuddly and makes you warm when its cold out.

my  brothers.................and boys don't be offended that I am comparing you to women's items of clothing, if you know how much fashion means to me then you know how much I love you. 

my big brother would be a pair of daisy dukes hahahaha (the image of him in those is disturbing) anyhoo, when the daisy dukes come out, you know it is time for fun, no doubt. everyone wants a pair of daisy dukes and you could never be depressed while wearing a pair of these. they liven up your summer wardrobe.

and last but not least, my little brother. (don't hate me) he would be a...............wait for it..............a lady gaga outfit. four words. stroke of pure genius. you never know what's coming next so you keep watching for more and even though you don't really get her style, you can't help but love her creations and you will always notice them. you don't know what keeps you hooked, but you can't stop.

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