Monday, 14 May 2012


my fashion journey begins.........

I love to just look at fashion....who doesn't? I rarely have much to say about other things but  it is my obsession with fashion that really gets me going. Its not just the main stream designers, runway shows and stores that amaze me (don't get me wrong, I love all this) but also the sidelines, like I like to call them. I love  fashion from all around the world and the more colourful and quirky, the better. 

I plan on having my own line one day (just too broke at the moment) but right now I just go wherever the wind blows. I free lance here in my country and so far, not so bad but my real dream is to own these three lines, handbag line, little dress line and a jewellery line.

I love fashion and everything to do with it, my style is a bit different from everyone else's but it works for me and I love it.....................

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