Monday, 27 August 2012

bite my style.

I've always had my own style, it encompasses a lot of genres so I just call it "colourful" plus I will never be caught without a bright bold colour somewhere in my outfit. Its my style and this means..... I define it myself,  I decide how its put together but most importantly, I like it. So when people turn around and question my decisions on my hairstyle, or my shoes or accessories, I get so mad, you know? Like, I do not say anything about their style so why in the world would they attack mine?

What were you thinking? What gives? Are you going through a phase? Are you serious? What in the world? Why would you do that? or just plain staring.................................that's what I constantly deal with. Someone once told me that the only dream I am ever allowed to have is to be happy and be surrounded by loved ones and that fashion is a stupid dream.

I believe in a lot of things and I will fight for them and defend them but for some reason, I cannot defend the thing that's the most important to me (after God and my loved ones), my style. I can't explain to them the statement I am trying to make (not literally). They laugh at me, tell me fashion is not a future to look forward to and make me feel terrible for wanting it. But the thing is, I'm happy with who I am, I love my style and I get it. should it matter that I'm different and other people don't get me? I get me. and that's all that should matter but while I know that, it still makes me sad to think that others don't.

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